Get rid of Hair transplant scar with natural treatments.

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The medical industry has come long away. New surgical facilities and technology are making the surgery comfortable. The hair transplant surgical technique has significantly improved. Compared to the early days of the hair plugs process, the new hair transplant treatments are much easier to apply.

However, the process has become standard; scarring is still unavoidable in most of the cases. Some parts of the skin still get exposed to the scaring during the treatment. It is a by-product of the hair transplant procedure which each person has to go through once the treatment is done. The scaring is mostly depending on the Surgeon’s skill and experience. Also, the treatment facility plays a big role in the process. You will find the average treatment service provider and the great doctors in society. Both will have different benefits as well as the experience in dealing with hair treatment. The Surgeon who is experienced treats each patient differently.

They first understand the skin structure and overall medical condition of the person. They conduct multiple treatments before beginning the actual hair transplant work. This additional pre-treatment process provides more information to the surgeon enabling him to use particular times of the equipment and medicine for the treatment. The treatment facility determines the result of the scaring and amount of scarring you will leave with.

The following are the factors that will help you to determine what hair transplant technique you should choose.

  • The surgeon will guide you on the scarring patter they have experience in the type of the surgery. By understanding the result, you can choose the technique for hair transplants. Each technique will have its benefit with a connected cost. Knowing the technique would help you to prepare yourself for the scarring problem. 
  • The hair loss pattern also decides what kind of problem you are currently dealing with. People have different types of hair loss problems, which need to address first. Once you know the patter, the surgeon will tell you the best treatment to apply, which will solve the problem for the long term.
  • Doner’s hair is part of your body from where the hair will be taken for the treatment. During the inspection, the amount and quality of the hair will be measured. You must have a sufficient amount of hair on your body to complete the requirement of the treatment. Hair quality is also a crucial factor as it decides for how long the hair will sustain after the treatment. The Thin or poor strength may result in a negative result, and you may face the boldness again after a few months of treatment. That’s why it essential to test the donner hair skin and assure the quality of the hair. 
  • The size of the area also measured before treatment. It will check closely to understand how much work needs to be done to fill the gap. In some cases, they will be filled with thin hair where few hair plantations would be sufficient to fill the gap. Different sizes of the area would require different treatments.
  • Most importantly, the cost will also determine what kind of treatment you will get. The Surgeon will tell you available treatment and their costs. It will be up to you to decide whether to obtain the treatment or not. 

Procedure to remove hair transplant scar

You might have heard about the several procedures of removing hair transplant scar. Some remove the scar completely, and others reduce the size of the scars, so it becomes undetectable. FUT procedure is one of the effective treatments used by Surgeons. However, several factors affect the outcome. Also, scar removal treatments are not guaranteed. In some cases, the scar remains for a lifetime, and no medical treatment would help you to get rid of them. Your age, scalp structure, skin, etc., would determine whether the scar can be removed or not. 

One of the treatments called graft hair follicles into the FUT scar using the FUE method. The effectiveness is determined by the thickness of the scar. Based on the skin, the surgeon will give you medication to make the scar thin and less visible.

Conceal Scars:

Concealing is a good option to hide the scar with the help of cosmetics. The surgeon will apply treatment where it will allow the hair to grow in the donor area. Keloid scars are of the type of scar which is hard to treat, and it rises naturally and covers a large area. In some people, it grows for months or years and stays for a longer period. It is advisable that when you are counseling with your doctor, let him know if you had a keloid scar before undergoing a previous hair transplant procedure. 

Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP)

This is one of the popular methods to treat your scar after hair transplantation. It is also known as a hairline tattoo or scalp hair tattooing. The procedure is permanent, where pigment is directly injected into the scalp. After the treatment is over, it gives thicker hair appearance to your scalp. The newer look hides the boldness, and your scalp seems beautiful with trim hair. Many people go with this SMP procedure because of its simplicity and do not require to go through the surgical hair transplant process. Moreover, the treatment is also offered scar coloring procedure with FUE or FUT treatment. The completion of the treatment may take several sessions as the procedure is implemented by hand less equipment will be utilized. The duration will depend on the size of the area. The surgeon will use the ink color to match the current hair color. It will also consider the future hair color as it may turn gray as you age. As the procedure takes time to complete, you may face little discomfort during the process.

Trico-pigmentation (TMP)

TMP is also similar to the SMP. Where SMP sustains for a longer period, the SMP provides a temporary solution. In the SMP procedure, the ink is injected into the top layer of the dermis. The ink may last for six months to three years, depending on the type of ink used by the clinic. 

Laser treatment

The laser is popular among people who want a quick result. It reduces the appearance of the scars. It is used with the SMP and TMP procedure. The laser removes the damaged skin from the scar and gives a smooth surface. Laser treatment stimulates collagen production in the skin’s dermis layer giving it elasticity and improves the overall appearance of the skin. However, the treatment looks easy, but the result of the laser treatment is vary depending on your nutrition in your body, scalp size, skin type, and many other factors. A person who is giving thought about laser treatment should understand the complexity of the procedure to avoid any unexpected result. 


The scar may look ugly as it gives the permanent mark on your head. It appears awful. Especially people who are in the entertainment business, they have to take care of their overall appearance. For them, the look is everything. The various form of hair transplant scar treatment available, allowing you to choose a suitable option. 

Today the hair transplant surgery is safe. You can restore the look easily and get your hair back. For many people, it is the restoration of their confidence in society and uplifting the status in the group.

Also, choose the experienced surgeon to undergo the treatment. The experienced person will take the required cushion while treatment, which reduces the chances of getting scar after the treatment. If you find these techniques a little risky and have further doubts about the treatment, then please consult with your doctor before going for the treatment. Get your natural look back with the hair treatment.

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