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What is Stress?

Stress is like a non-infectious disease familiar with every person from birth to death unknowingly. Stress can be seen not only in humans but also in animals. More stressed animals can be seen in the zoological gardens. The reason for the unique movement of animals in the zoological gardens is the stress. It is different to understand this situation to any person as it has not unique features. When the definition is considered stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. However, stress is simply a signal within our body that allows us to handle any situation freely. 

We can find stressed people with different aims in society. When their life is analyzed we find that they are gravitating toward that which is familiar to them in life. A person with all physical facilities such as money, comfortable vehicles, houses, etc. may be a stressed person as they have not time to enjoy life. However, to get rid of stress, first of all, we must understand that what causes makes our life stress. Several reasons can be categorized as below.

What Causes Stress In Life?

  •  Fear of Failure
  • Endless expectations
  •  Weakness of personality

There are many reasons apart from them caused some people to be stressed. Examples are lack of sleep, Examinations, and interviews, poverty, young people without permanent jobs, etc. The reasons given in below may be caused for the stress.

  • Fear
  • Embarrassment
  • Invalidation
  • Anger
  • Worry
  • Doubt
  • Shame

Stress is just icing on the cake, The cake is the main emotion behind the stress, often disguised by a physical ailment i.e back pain, headache, or neck pain, etc. Further stressed people can be identified from their unusual behaviors.but all stressed people don’t show such behaviors. 

However very young children are not suffering from stress very often as they don’t have the system of habits and perceptions. In the present society, they are also stressed as they have to work to fulfill their parents’ perceptions. It is the biggest bad luck of the young generation.

Simply life is a collection of experience. But people are always trying to give wonderful experiences to life. That is the main reason for their lives to be stressed. As an adult, our emotions are meant to be expressed, not defined. However, we have allowed others to define our emotions as good, bad, or unacceptable. It is a reason for us to worry about what other people will think. Then we end up becoming our publicist and exhaust ourselves by protecting our reputation unknowingly. When we become stress our energy is paid instead of it we can put energy toward learning, growing, and creating solutions.

In a nutshell, stress-free life is blessed.

Three Essential Ingredients For a Stress-Free Life

Whenever we analyze reasons us to be stressed “why” is the stem of it. Some common questions always make us stress like “Why is it to me?”, ” Why does nothing ever work out for me?”

“Why” is the obsessive need to know why things happen as they do, which results in emotional paralysis, keeping us stuck. If we can move from the “Why” and let new experiences happen in life, our lives will be enjoyable free from stress. Further, we should be able to stop overthinking. Overthinking causes us to become stress step by step. We can begin to connect with our inner creativity, which helps find creative solutions to our situation by stop overthinking.

The following factors can be practiced for a long time in life to make us live free from stress. 

  • Release the need for certain outcomes and responses. 

This action item is related directly to our need to know why things happen as they do. We have to practice our minds to be satisfied with what we have and receive. It may be somewhat difficult at the beginning. Then our mind practices to trust that most of the things happen for a good reason.

  • Release the inner critic

Criticizing always makes our mind mess. If we can stop comparing us with others we can stop inner criticizing. It helps us to be free from stress mind.

  • Choose Positive feedback, encouragement, and affirmation 

Your mind is great if it is free from others’ false feedbacks. Your mind should be practiced to accept encouragement than failures.but you should use such failures to build up your abilities again.

There are some ways to relieve mental stress quickly.

Expressing stress quickly shows others truly ourselves. It may be something creative or expressive. Relieving mental stress quickly let us not to go for overthinking about something. It can be done by doing several simple things given below.

  1. painting or drawing
  2. singing a song
  3. listening to songs or music
  4. being silent
  5. playing music instrument 
  6. writing a poem
  7. chatting with someone 
  8. Dancing
  9. Changing the hairstyle
  10. Going out with favorite people

However, life is full of happiness means it is free from stress. The opposite thing about stress is happiness. Whatever we have our lives may be a stress if we have not time to enjoy life with our loved ones. That is the truth. Therefore expect less and satisfy with what you have. It will lead us to make our lives free from stress.

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